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D-Link Demonstrates Three Solutions for Aggregating Entertainment Content, Interacting with Broadcast TV and Sharing a Laptop Display on an HDTV
Posted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 02:39:36 PM

New Boxee Box by D-Link enhancements, Yahoo! Connected TV media player with broadcast interactivity, and Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi) partnership offering consumers complementary ways to connect with their favorite entertainment

INTERNATIONAL CES (Booth No. 31247 Upper South Hall), LAS VEGAS, Jan 05, 2011 - Hardware advances, software improvements and downward pricing pressure made 2010 the year when the Web morphed with TV. This next year is taking it to another level. 2011 promises more high-quality choices for consumers (both subscription and free), “socially aware” viewing, broadcast interactivity, and easy “big screen” integration via wires-free laptops.

“Depending on the viewing habits and interests of a user, we now have a family of products that offer a variety of means for enriching the media viewing experience,” said Nick Tidd, president, D-Link North America, “Whether you’re looking to aggregate and socialize your media with the Boxee Box, interact in new ways with your favorite programming via the Yahoo! Connected TV device, or wirelessly share a laptop screen via an Intel® WiDi solution, you’ll see D-Link continuing to invest heavily in this exciting category and offer elegant ways to enrich the television watching experience.”

Boxee Box Raises the Bar for Over-the-Top Internet TV

The Boxee Box by D-Link has made significant strides since its demonstration at the 2010 CES show (where it won the CES Best of Innovations award in the Home Entertainment category). It aggregates the best Internet content and locally stored media into an elegant on-screen interface for a “lean-back” couch experience.

Both Boxee and D-Link® teams are excited about an upcoming VUDU + 3D announcement.

CBS Corp. is coming aboard the platform soon, with pay-per-view access for Boxee users. D-Link and Boxee also target Netflix availability in the United States during the last week of January.

As always, the Boxee Box supports full HD (1080p resolution), and it doesn’t lock you into an all-or-nothing store for purchasing content. With a full-featured remote and simple search or browsing interface, users can just kick back and watch virtually anything. Of course, simple customization features allow you to design your own TV and music stations – with everything you like and nothing you don’t.

The Boxee Box viewing experience is also “socially aware.” Links to your favorite social networks are built into the platform, so you can automatically see what friends are sharing or share your recommendations as you watch.

New D-Link Device Enables “Broadcast Interactivity” with Yahoo! Connected TV

D-Link is also kicking off a partnership with Yahoo! at CES 2011. The two companies are launching the first dedicated media player featuring the Yahoo! Connected TV Platform. It’s a new set-top box that lets viewers interact and participate with their favorite shows in brand new ways, as well as use popular widgets for accessing the latest movies and shows.

The technology makes broadcast programming interactive and customizable. Apps for the platform allow users to interact directly with shows, sporting events, TV shopping programs (like HSN) and even commercials.

For example, you could click on a boxer in a Showtime boxing match and learn more about their background during a fight. You could also vote on which fighter you think will win during the bout and broadcast that to your Facebook and Twitter friends.

Home Shopping Network (HSN) scenarios allow you to purchase items and jump on time-limited specials that are being broadcast on the show. You can also click on your favorite characters in prime-time dramas to see what brands they’re wearing and purchase them online. Cars and toys can also be purchased from within the commercials, and you can play games that are launched from the commercials, as well.

It’s truly entertaining, truly interactive television for today’s increasingly Web-connected consumer.

D-Link MainStage™: Intel® WiDi Solution Plays Laptop Video Directly on HDTVs

D-Link is also excited about supporting Intel® Wireless Display technology. We’ve jointly developed a discreet solution for adding Intel® WiDi to a customer’s HDTV via HDMI or component video connections. The D-Link solution is called “Mainstage,” and it allows users to instantly play Internet (or locally stored) videos on the big screen without connecting any wires.

With Intel® WiDi, there’s no need to crowd around the small laptop screen when friends and family want to show off videos. Plus any content shown on the laptop display can be displayed on the big screen - content from the internet, a Network Storage device, miiiCasa connected content or desktops throughout the house.

All these products are designed to let home users watch what they want, when they want to, and wherever they prefer within the home.

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