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D-Link Makes Home the Hottest Spot at CES 2011
Posted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 02:41:59 PM

CES announcements showcase HD Media Routers and “SmartBeam” technology for moving media and blanketing homes with Wi-Fi, networked home storage and sharing solutions, mydlink™ cameras for viewing live video from anywhere, and media solutions for aggregating content and bringing broadcast interactivity to the HDTV

INTERNATIONAL CES (Booth No. 31247 Upper South Hall), LAS VEGAS, Jan 06, 2011 - D-Link is unveiling a wide range of new home technology solutions at CES 2011, including new solutions that enable consumers to build the ultimate home network geared for productivity, sharing, entertainment, video monitoring and gaming.

The company is also introducing its new consumer solution campaign titled ‘Make Home Your Hottest Spot’ to showcase these innovative technologies and how they work together to enable next-generation applications. “The company is focused on six main categories - Connect, Share, Entertain, Work, Play and View,” said Daniel Kelley, D-Link’s Associate Vice President of Consumer Marketing, North America. “We have technology innovation and product introductions being unveiled for each of these categories this week at CES, and we’re excited to show consumers what is now possible with a home network.”

Whether it’s connecting with shows, brands and friends via a shared TV experience, laying waste to the enemy in networked first-person shooter games, working remotely from home, or monitoring the new baby from work – D-Link is ideally positioned to enhance these experiences with high-performance connectivity solutions. “We’re delivering truly amazing experiences in the home, and we’re making bold moves to capture attention and share in where we see the networking market going,” added Kelley.

Some of the same technologies that have worked well for D-Link in enterprise, small business and SOHO settings are particularly well suited for digitally oriented families and consumers. D-Link redesigned interfaces with consumer ease-of-use in mind, refined form factors to fit in with home decor, and kept everything super simple so people can add new D-Link® solutions to their existing networks or set-up a custom home solution in very little time.

D-Link is announcing several home-focused solutions:

CONNECT: Solutions for wirelessly moving multiple HD streams and achieving true whole-home coverage

  • HD Media Routers: D-Link’s new breed of DLNA-certified HD Media Routers prioritize High Definition traffic for uninterrupted video streaming of services like YouTube HD, Netflix and VUDU. These routers guarantee video quality for wireless streaming across set-top boxes (like Tivo, Slingbox, and the Boxee Box by D-Link), network storage devices and PC-to-PC traffic. Consumers have had access to rich content for some time, but it’s been difficult to provide a consistent streaming experience in the home.These HD Media routers will feature a new sharing platform made available through a partnership with miiiCasa™. miiiCasa enables household members to easily and freely organize, play and share their content among any IP-connected device. It’s like a secure cloud for the home. The technology is specifically designed for people with absolutely no technical background.
  • SmartBeam Technology: SmartBeam directs radio signals right at specific users and devices, increasing signal and performance levels by targeting Wi-Fi rather than sending in a traditional Omnidirectional beam. Products with SmartBeam will include a Wi-Fi Booster for adding powerful Wi-Fi to any home network router, as well as, routers with SmartBeam technology built-in. Each will ship with multi-element antennae to provide optimal performance and greater signal gain for better coverage and reduced interference levels.
  • New Hybrid Home Network Solutions from D-Link offer consumers an easy way to extend Wireless-N and take advantage of new high-bandwidth applications. D-Link’s new DHP-1320 Powerline Router, for example, merges 200Mbps powerline technology with a Wireless-N router that also contains wired Ethernet ports.

When combined with D-Link PowerLine Adapter at the client station, the solution can push HD content, multi-media, VoIP, or any other robust network traffic from router to the hybrid AP via the home’s existing electrical outlets.

D-Link will also be showcasing a PowerLine AV 500 4-port switch and PowerLine AV 500 adapter that will deliver up to 500Mbps performance over existing electrical wiring in the home.

VIEW: Remotely view your loved ones, property or surveillance scenarios

  • Wireless-N Network Cameras, like the D-Link DCS-930L and DCS-932L, have taken remote video monitoring to another level. They’re easier to set up, as affordable as Web cams, and easy to view from a range of devices. D-Link’s site allows users to plug the Wireless-N cameras into any home wall socket and view the feed from a Web browser from anywhere in an instant. The DCS-932L adds infrared technology for night viewing capabilities. mydlink-enabled cameras can be viewed locally or remotely with the mydlink iPhone, Android, iPad and Boxee Box apps. See the D-Link VIEW press release for more information.

ENTERTAIN: Share, interact with and enjoy HDTV experiences

  • In 2010, D-Link won the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA’s) Best of Innovations Award as well as more than 10 Best of Show awards for the Boxee Box by D-Link. The set-top box is now one of the best-selling consumer electronics devices for home entertainment. The latest Boxee updates feature a simpler, more intuitive interface, lots of new apps (with more on the way), and a truly open Web-to-TV experience. CBS is coming aboard the platform soon, with pay-per-view access for Boxee users. Netflix will be arriving on Boxee Box in the U.S. during the last week of January. We’re also very excited about an upcoming VUDU + 3-D announcement. More details to come. The standard 2-D VUDU library will be available on Boxee Box next week.D-Link is kicking off a new partnership with Yahoo! at CES. The two companies will launch the first dedicated media player featuring the Yahoo! Connected TV Platform. This is a new set-top box that lets viewers participate with their favorite shows, stars, athletes and brands. The technology defines a new category of social television – “broadcast interactivity.”D-Link is also excited about supporting Intel® Wireless Display technology. We’ve jointly developed a small Intel® WiDi adapter that plug into your TV’s HDMI or component video connections. The D-Link adapter is called “Mainstage™.”Intel® WiDi allows users to connect directly with HDTVs via their laptops. No wires needed. You just launch Intel® WiDi from the laptop, and any HDTV with the Intel® WiDi adapter instantly streams the content. There’s no need to crowd around the small laptop screen any more.

See the D-Link ENTERTAIN press release and partnership releases with Boxee, Yahoo! And Intel for more information.

SHARE: Simple, secure, seamlessly shareable storage

  • New D-Link storage solutions (D-Link DNS-320 and DNS-325) help home users protect, manage, share, stream and remotely access their critical files and multi-media. Set them up once and access everything from anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re streaming movies to your Boxee Box, monitoring an IP camera or playing an Xbox game at multiple locations throughout the house, these solutions have you covered. D-Link NAS storage solutions also feature the miiiCasa technology mentioned above. This enables built-in local cloud management of the household’s entire data store. See the D-Link SHARE press release for more information.

WORK: Productivity and connection when you need it from home

  • D-Link’s CES 2011 booth will be demonstrating a wide variety of technologies that enable productive, synchronized, connected work environments within the home. We’ll show you how easy it is to stay in the loop and communicate remotely.

PLAY: Gaming without the glitches

  • We’ll also showcase the best ways to build a network optimized for gaming – over the local network and out to the wider Web communities (like Xbox Live). Never get fragged due to latency again!

All these solutions are designed to let home users easily enjoy the applications they want, when they want to, and wherever they prefer within the home.

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