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D-Link Delivers Peace of Mind this Mother’s Day With A Cloud Camera for Keeping an Eye on the Kids
Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 02:29:18 PM


FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA, May 02, 2012 - Moms everywhere devote their lives to ensuring loved ones have everything they need, often times sacrificing and juggling the unthinkable. To help simplify the important tasks and give mom a bit more free time, D-Link is making it easier than ever this Mother’s Day to keep an eye on what matters most 24/7.

The mydlink™ enabled Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Cloud Camera (DCS-932L) allows mom to monitor the kids, pets and more remotely. And with D-Link’s latest MovieNite streaming media player (DSM-310), moms can not only easily access her favorite movies, TV shows and family photos, but also view video feed from the Cloud Camera on the big screen.

"Cameras are a proven way to help mom keep an eye on the kids. And, whether your mom is techie at heart or needs a little encouragement, D-Link’s mydlink™ enabled camera makes it easy to setup a complete home monitoring system in a matter of minutes," said Daniel Kelley, associate vice president of marketing, D-Link North America. "With the introduction of MovieNite, moms now have another convenient way to keep watch – in the living room on the big screen."

D-Link has some helpful tips for making this year’s Mother's Day unique and hassle-free for mom:

Mother's Day Tip #1: Monitor What Matters Most

All mothers worry – about the safety of little ones, the house while away at work or traveling, orabout the furry friends in the backyard. You can help mom ease some of the worry with a D-Link® Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Cloud Camera (DCS-932L). Offering an easy-to-use home monitoring solution, the Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Cloud Camera (DCS-932L) allows mom to keep an eye on what matters most 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere.

Mother's Day Tip #2: Keep it Simple

Mom rarely gets time to herself, so when there's a moment to spare, make sure she can access some of her favorite content quickly, easily and hassle-free. The new D-Link® MovieNite streaming media player (DSM-310) allows mom to enjoy a range of content delivered straight to the TV with one click of the remote – from 1080p HD movies and TV shows on VUDU and Netflix, to personalized Internet radio via Pandora, to sharing photos on the big screen via Picasa. Moms can even view their favorite YouTube videos or watch the live feed from their mydlink-enabled Cloud Camera on a big screen with MovieNite

Mother's Day Tip #3: Make Sure It’s Mobile

Moms are constantly on-the-go, whether its school pick-up or drop-off, soccer practice, a doctor appointment, or the office. With the mydlink app, moms can remotely access live video feeds for the ultimate peace of mind from the Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Cloud Camera (DCS-932L) via any iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ device, or on the big screen with the MovieNite streaming media player.

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