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D-Link Introduces Insight™ Cloud Managed Client Security Service, Available for Free in WebSmart Switches
Posted: Thu May 10, 2012 02:28:59 PM


FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA, May 10, 2012 - D-Link, the cost-effective, standards-based unified networking solutions provider for small-and medium sized business, today announced plans to integrate cloud-based monitoring and security into its existing WebSmart series of switches. The new platform, known as D-Link Insight™, combines pioneering D-Link® Cloud services with WebSmart switch architecture to create a highly-accessible, portal-based administration system for businesses.

The increasing demand for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones has left many administrators clamoring to understand who and what is connecting to their networks to ensure security and compliance. According to Gartneri, “Sales of open OS* devices... are expected to surpass the 1 billion mark by 2015, when they will account for 47 percent of the total mobile device market.” Subsequently, the administrators of SMB networks are, and will continue to be burdened by the growing number of client devices.

D-Link Insight Expands Network Administrator Control

D-Link Insight addresses the mobility concerns of network administrators with a powerful solution that brings network device discovery, tracking, and compliance monitoring to WebSmart series switches at no additional cost. “D-Link is the first vendor to offer this kind of integrated cloud-based solution to customers,” said David Nguyen, director product management, ethernet switching and security, D-Link. “In the past, dedicated hardware would have been required to carry out these functions, not to mention the extensive expertise needed to configure and maintain such a system. D-Link Insight makes these functions available directly on the WebSmart switch itself, without additional hardware, and everything is conveniently accessible from a friendly web-based portal in the cloud.”

Switches can be monitored from the cloud-based portal that provides a snapshot of serial numbers, firmware versions and locations. Current connectivity status is also readily available, along with a logged history of backups and reboots. Additionally, a convenient table view of all devices on the network provides basic information at a glance. Devices can be organized into SmartLists, and the system can be configured to send out e-mail alerts in the event that new devices are joined to the network. As there is no license fee per additional user, administrators can invite as many users as necessary to help them manage and monitor their network.

Pricing and Availability

D-Link Insight is immediately available on the DES-1210 and DGS-1210 iiseries switches via a firmware update on Once installed, D-Link Insight can be configured via a streamlined registration process using the web GUI. Administrators need simply to configure the IP address, gateway and DNS server to proceed with switch registration to the Insight portal.

Additionally, D-Link Insight users will also receive a free one year trial of Insight Plus. D-Link Insight Plus, a premium service, uses the Microsoft NAP architecture to obtain a comprehensive health status report of a client computer and creates lists and alerts if and when clients are not in compliance with network security policies.

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