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D-Link Reinforces Support of World IPv6 Day
Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 02:11:27 PM


FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA, Jun 04, 2012 - D-Link, the cost-effective, standards-based unified networking solutions provider for consumer, small-and medium sized business and service providers, has reaffirmed its commitment to the switch to the new IPv6 standard and support for World IPv6 Day on June 6, 2012. The day is a global event that marks the official transition from IPv4 to IPv6, when Internet service providers (ISPs), home networking equipment manufacturers and web companies around the world permanently enable IPv6 for their products and services.

Based on the success of the World IPv6 Day test last year, thanks in part to the efforts of D-Link, the Internet Society (ISOC) has decreed that the IPv6 standard is now set to go live permanently on June 6, 2012. Participating website operators will enable IPv6 connectivity persistently while, participating network operators and ISPs also need to commit that one percent of their subscribers will be enabled for IPv6 Internet accessibility. These guidelines provide an incentive for vendors, ISPs and their customers to upgrade and enjoy the benefits extended by IPv6 connectivity.

“We are passionate about ensuring that consumers and businesses are ready for the switch,” said William Brown, associate vice president of product development, D-Link North America. “With available IPv4 addresses rapidly running out, the sooner mass migration to IPv6 gets underway, the better. D-Link is actively encouraging enterprises and consumers to adopt certified technology so they are prepared for a successful transition.”

D-Link has supported the IPv6 initiative since 2006 and is one of the major networking vendors actively promoting the new Internet Protocol, additionally, D-Link is the first major networking equipment vendor to pass UNH-IOL interoperability testing in late 2011.

This makes D-Link a model partner for enterprises that want to be fully prepared for the imminent conversion. Most recently, D-Link has worked to combine IPv6 readiness with contemporary technologies like 802.11ac and IEEE 1905.1 for maximum forward compatibility. All new D-Link routers now ship with the ‘IPv6 Ready Phase II’ certification and logo.

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