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D-Link® Extends Business-Class Storage Solutions with Flexible iSCSI SAN Array Delivering Superior Performance and No-Cost Data Protection Suite
Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 01:34:27 PM

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. – July 23, 2012 – D-Link, the cost-effective, standards-based unified networking solutions provider for small business and medium enterprise IT environments, today unveiled the DSN-6000 Series iSCSI SAN Array delivering high performance, high availability and flexibility for mission critical server applications in both physical and virtual environments. Ideal for small to mid-size enterprises, state and federal government agencies and educational institutions, the DSN-6000 series includes a suite of data protection features for demanding environments, including snapshot, volume cloning and remote replication at no additional cost. In addition, with an integrated and intuitive management GUI, this cost-effective network storage solution ensures the system can be up and running in no time, even with limited IT experience.

“The DSN-6000 underscores D-Link’s unwavering commitment to enterprise customers, offering a range of capabilities that directly meet the needs of today’s small and medium enterprise IT environments,” said Mark Prowten, vice president of enterprise and channel sales, D-Link Systems, Inc. “The DSN-6000 series features a host of new enhancements based on feedback from customers, including a range of data services, such as snapshot, volume cloning, remote replication, RAID 6, online firmware upgrades and active-active controllers to deliver high performance, flexibility, ease-of- management, and to help eliminate added software licensing costs.”

D-Link DSN-6000 for Efficient Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

The DSN-6000 is equipped with an efficient and simplified data protection approach allowing protection in the event of a dual drive failure without requiring the overhead of mirroring. Snapshot technology ensures data can be restored quickly and easily from a point-in-time copy and without the need for lengthy backup restores. In addition, volume cloning can be used to backup data from a source volume to a target volume, manually or automatically on a schedule.

Equipped with remote replication, the DSN-6000 series also provides continuous data protection ensuring valuable data is safe in the event of a catastrophic system failure at the primary site or data center. In addition, one source target can be set up with multiple destination targets, allowing administrators to replicate data to different locations. These replication jobs can be set up for manual operation or automated scheduling.

DSN-6000 Series Flexible Architecture and Performance

The DSN-6000 series includes the DSN-6110 and DSN-6410 iSCSI SAN arrays available in a 2U form factor supporting up to 36TB of raw capacity with 12 SAS/SATA drive bays. In addition, the DSN-6110 and DSN-6410 primary arrays each support 12 internal SAS/SATA[1] hard drives and with the addition of up to four DSN-6020 expansion JBODs, the DSN-6000 primary arrays can scale in performance and raw capacity to a total of 180TB using 3TB drives.

The high performance supported with the DSN-6000 series allows users to host multiple processing intensive applications simultaneously without performance degradation, such as server virtualization, video post-production, backup and disaster recovery. The DSN-6110 includes (4) 1GbE Copper iSCSI data ports per controller providing throughput of up to 900MB per second and the DSN-6410 includes (2) 10GbE iSCSI data ports per controller providing throughput of up to 1300MB per second.  The DSN-6110 supports up to 200,000 IOPS and the DSN-6410 supports up to 220,000 IOPS. Also available is the DSN-6020 12-Bay Expansion JBOD for the DSN-6110 and DSN-6410.

The DSN-6000 joins D-Link’s family of high performing storage solutions, including the DSN-4000 series of xStack® Storage iSCSI SAN arrays, offering a flexible storage architecture for IP surveillance installations and secondary server applications. D-Link’s open architecture supports mixing non-proprietary SAS and SATA disk drives of various manufacturers, capacities, technologies, and speeds, making the DSN-6000 series ideal for storage tiering based on application requirements.

The DSN-6000 series offers extended warranty options, keeping systems covered for up to eight years, as well as next business day hardware replacement while under warranty. D-Link does not require service contracts to access no-cost firmware upgrades, ensuring IT managers receive hassle-free, industry leading support.

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