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D-Link Wireless Routers Help Bring Connectivity to Rural Region in Michigan
Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:40:00 AM
Nowadays people want to be connected to the Internet, and the residents of Michigan's Upper Peninsula are no exception.

U.P. Logon, the largest fixed-wireless Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the region, has been serving that need since 1995, starting with dial-up service and migrating to high-speed fixed wireless in 2001. In order to bring connectivity to its 600 customers in the sparsely populated area, U.P. Logon uses a combination of towers and antennae - coupled with a router and firewall - to allow customers to tap into the Internet.

"Upper Peninsula is a very rural region, so there are not a lot of choices when it comes to Internet providers," said Chris Gotstein, senior network engineer, U.P. Logon. "The only way to reach some of these outlying areas is with high-speed fixed wireless service because cable and DSL are not available."

U.P. Logon broadcasts from atop dozens of existing structures, such as water towers, to an antenna installed on customer's home or business. In order to complete the circle, the company was seeking a reliable, cost-effective high-speed wireless router to offer customers as part of the Internet access package.

"These routers would be installed in customers' homes and businesses, so we were looking for reliability, but with a price point that was attractive," said Gotstein.

Gotstein turned to D-Link for routers to connect his ISP customers because of the positive experience he had with past networking projects and selling D-Link in his retail computer store. Now U.P. Logon installs D-LinkŪ Wireless G Routers, which offer connectivity and security features, in every location.

"The D-Link routers are easy to set up and very reliable," he said. "These devices let us to control access through the hardware."

"D-Link has allowed us to offer a very high quality product at a lower cost to the customer," said Dean Carollo, owner, U.P. Logon. "They've proven to be very reliable. Once we install them, it's rare that we receive customer support calls."
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