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D-Link Provides Ideal Security and Wi-Fi Solutions for Showcase Office Building
Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:35:00 AM
THEGreenBox focuses on providing businesses with the technology they need to grow and become more efficient, while gaining a competitive edge. With the help of D-Link, the Olympia, Wash. full-service IT management company engineered an ideal 'connected and secure' office building to serve as a model for their small business clients.

When THEGreenBox purchased and moved into a commercial building, founder and president Bill Hammond decided to architect the modular office suites, some of which are leased to other businesses, with a full-scale security and Wi-Fi solution to showcase technology options that his customers can replicate in their own buildings.

Hammond sought the ideal implementation, one that would include Internet access (wired and wireless), security cameras, alarms, and automated door locks. "Our goal was to showcase a flexible, yet secure implementation. We sought specific products that would fit the look and feel we were going for, without being too expensive," he explained.

The two-story structure is divided into 20 individual suites on each floor that can be tailored to fit multiple tenant needs. The goal was to install a 48-port gigabit switch to serve as a backbone with virtual local area network (VLAN) capabilities to streamline operations, and then dedicate an access point (AP) to each business so every suite serves as a self-sufficient, protected enclave with its own secure Wi-Fi access.

"We wanted a commercial grade technology but with SMB pricing. I work with many suppliers and we knew that D-Link would be a quality product and priced appropriately for this project," Hammond said, adding that he coordinated with regional D-Link support teams to specifically narrow down which products would best meet his needs for the architecture that he was putting together.

In order to realize the flexible configuration design that he envisioned, Hammond opted for D-Link® Web Smart™ and managed switching with power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities. This provided the backbone for the wireless capabilities and allowed him to use smaller, more aesthetically pleasing APs. He also purchased a D-Link switch for VLAN capabilities. He used D-Link thin Access Points for public areas and per suite. He also installed a D-Link Wireless Day & Night Network Camera (DCS-3420) with audio and housed it in an industrial-grade D-Link Network Camera Outdoor Enclosure (DCS-70) with power supply, heater and cooler.

In addition to Wi-Fi, the office building offers other common services such as interior/exterior security web cams with audio and remote monitoring, shared printers on a public network, remotely-triggered door locks, a bundled Internet Service Provider (ISP), and other security and productivity capabilities that would provide fluidity for the clients leasing suites.

"Now we can showcase that we're a premier office space suite based on cutting-edge technology. D-Link and its solutions helped us achieve that goal," Hammond added. "With this showcase we can show building managers how quickly they can recover costs using this system, usually in about three or four months with a typical-sized structure. The payback is very high."
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