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D-Link Powerline Hd Starter Kit Wins Editors' Choice From Computer Shopper Magazine
Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 01:27:00 PM
DHP-303 Receives High Marks for Fast Transmission Speeds, Easy Installation, Simplified Management, Push-Button Security and Affordability

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., June 2, 2009 — D-Link, the end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumer and business, today announced the D-Link® PowerLine™ HD Network Starter kit (DHP-303) has won the Computer Shopper Editors' Choice Award and the PC World Best Buy Award.

In product reviews from both publications, the DHP-303 received top editorial recognition for features such as fast transmission speeds, easy installation, simplified management, push-button security and affordability.

The next-generation D-Link PowerLine adapter kit is an ideal solution for connecting computers, high-definition (HD) media players, game consoles, network attached storage (NAS) and Internet content throughout the home.

The DHP-303 allows users to take advantage of existing home electrical wiring to create or extend a network. The kit includes two PowerLine wall plugs/ adapters to turn every power outlet in the home into a wall-to-wall network when connected to a switch or wireless access point.

Computer Shopper Raves

"Ease of use and speedy performance are two good reasons to choose the D-Link PowerLine HD Network Starter Kit DHP-303 if you're thinking of using your existing electrical wiring to provide Ethernet connectivity throughout your home," the winning Computer Shopper editorial review states, calling the kit "one of the better performers out there, and also one of the least expensive."

"In our tests, installation was a breeze. We plugged one adapter into a wall socket close to our router and connected it with one of the included Ethernet cables, then plugged the second adapter into a wall socket in a room located on the other side of the house," that review stated. "Next, we connected our Lenovo ThinkPad notebook to the second adapter. Within seconds, the notebook was assigned an IP address from the router, and we were up and running.

The review also acknowledged the DHP-303's security features saying, "Securing the network is easy; you simply push the button on one adapter and push the button until its AP LED begins flashing. Once the second adapter's AP light turns off, the network is secure."

PC World Praise

The DHP-303 also was named "Top Pick" in the PC World Best Buy Awards. Editor Becky Waring noted: "it's throughput was more than 30 percent higher than the competition's, and it carries a lower price tag."

The review also recognized the D-Link PowerLine HD Network Starter Kit for its use of 3DES encryption - as opposed to competitors that use the HomePlug AV standard - and stated that its 85 to 90 mbps throughput range "outperformed" competitors that fell short with a range of 62 to 69 mbps.

"The D-Link DHP-303 kit is a top-notch performer with easy encryption setup and useful features such as a software utility and a power-saving mode," stated the PC World review.
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