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Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 02:19:00 PM
Power over Ethernet Switches and Managed Access Points Expand Coverage, Provide Ease of Management for Bremond Facilities

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., March 31, 2009 — The Bremond Independent School District wanted to replace its sluggish out-dated wireless network with a new managed access point (AP) solution that offers Power over Ethernet (PoE) support. However, school administrators were frustrated by the $37,000+ quotes they were receiving to implement the new wireless network, which far exceeded their budget.

The K-12 school district located in Bremond, Texas had outgrown its older wireless local area network (LAN) that was difficult to expand and manage, and lacked PoE support. "We had to wait months before we could deploy the wireless access points, because the power wasn't in place and the costs of installing power receptacles was too high," said Josh Hymer, director of technology for Bremond ISD.

Initially, Hymer was discouraged. He didn't think he would be able to find a PoE and managed network solution at a good price. "I started researching different options and found that D-Link offers a managed wireless PoE solution," said Hymer. "We installed it for under $5,000 - and that included the new switches, new APs, new cabling - everything."

The Bremond ISD purchased three D-Link® DES-1228P Web Smart™ 24-Port PoE switches and 20 DWL-3140 Web Smart 802.11g PoE Thin Access Points. "We chose D-Link's managed wireless PoE solution for Wi-Fi coverage because of its range, ease of installation, ease of management and affordability," he added.

"The D-Link APs are so small and easy to mount," said Hymer. "I was really impressed with them. And the range is more extensive than what we had previously. The old APs were lucky to make 30 to 50 feet of coverage. The new APs reach 150 feet and more."

"Using a wireless LAN scanning utility, we were able to locate nine of the APs from just one location at the front of the school. It's a very big facility, and it was amazing that we could actually see that many of them," he stated.

"Our priorities were range, ease of installation and ease of management," said Hymer. "D-Link satisfied all three of those. We were really happy to get all this in a PoE switch at this price point. The entire campus is now covered for Wi-Fi."

"The students and faculty are very happy with the coverage," he added. "Everyone is impressed with the strides we've made."


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