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D-Link Announces Lite Layer 3 Stackable 10GbE Managed Switches
Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 03:11:12 PM


New Switches Provide 10 Gigabit Performance and High-Availability for Business Networks and Data Centers

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA – Sept. 29, 2016 – D-Link today announced a new family of Fully Managed Lite Layer 3 Stackable 10 Gigabit Switches – the DXS-3400 Series. Available in both 10G Copper (10GBASE-T) and 10G fiber (SFP+) versions, these high performance switches feature wire speed 10-Gigabit Ethernet switching, routing, and ultra-low latency.

The DXS-3400 Series switches include feature rich software, which satisfies the needs of Small/Medium Business (SMB), Small/Medium Enterprise (SME), and Campus users. This software supports a wide range of Layer 2 and “Lite” Layer 3 functions such as VLANs, inter-VLAN routing, multicasting, Quality of Service (QoS), Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), Routing Information Protocol (RIP)v1/2, Next Generation RIP (RIPng), Policy-Based Routing (PBR), and security features. The DXS-3400 Series switches also include an easy-to-use web interface and an industry standard CLI for improved management.

“The DXS-3400 switches are not only great aggregation switches in SMB/SME networks, but they are also ideal for top-of-rack switching in data centers,” said Steven Olen, director of product marketing, D-Link Systems, Inc. “They support several core components of Data Center Bridging (DCB) – which is an essential group of features that optimizes flow control and congestion management in data center environments.”

The DXS-3400 switches are specifically designed for high availability. Two hot-swappable power modules provide 1+1 redundancy and load sharing, while three hot-swappable fan trays provide N+1 cooling redundancy. In addition, the switches support Physical Stacking via four 10G ports, and can stack up to 4 devices. Other features, such as Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS), provide network protection in the event of a link failure.

Along with the recently introduced DGS-3630 Series Gigabit switches, the new DXS-3400 switches also support an innovative feature called Switch Resource Management (SRM). SRM provides resource configuration flexibility that allows Network Administrators to allocate more system resources for tables that require more entries, and prevents wasting resources on unused functions. The DXS-3400 Series switches support 3 SRM modes – IP Mode, LAN Mode and L2 VPN Mode – which modify the size of the Layer 2 and 3 tables for optimum efficiency.

Additional features include:

  • Stackability: Physical stacking up to four units in a stack, up to 80Gbps stacking bandwidth, Virtual Stacking/clustering up to 32 units
  • Traffic Monitoring & Bandwidth Control: Port Mirroring/Bandwidth Control, Broadcast/Multicast/Unicast storm control; Single Rate Three Color Marker (srTCM) and Two Rate Three Color Marker (trTCM) policing policies
  • Easy Management: RJ45/mini-USB console port; management and alarm ports; USB port for firmware and configuration files; easy-to-use web GUI, Industry standard CLI, and advanced OAM features
  • Industry leading warranty: Lifetime warranty and Next Business Day (NBD) advance hardware replacement
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