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D-Link Integrates Intel Wireless Display Technology WiDi into D-Link MainStage, Enabling Home Users to Display Any Media from Their Laptop onto an HDTV Wirelessly
Posted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 02:23:51 PM

Intel technology built into millions of laptops can now be added to any HDTV with an open HDMI port or component video inputs

INTERNATIONAL CES (Booth No. 31247 Upper South Hall), LAS VEGAS, Jan 05, 2011 - D-Link’s whole-home connectivity push at CES 2011 includes a special announcement about Intel’s Second-Generation Wireless Display technology. Intel® WiDi enables consumers to share virtually any content from an Intel® CoreTM processor-based notebook to their big screen TV. If the HDTV doesn’t currently include the Intel WiDi technology (some new HDTVs have the technology built in), D-Link MainStage can be added to the TV for instant wireless connectivity to a WiDi-enabled notebook.

D-Link MainStage is a discreet solution for adding Intel® WiDi to a customer’s HDTV via HDMI or component video connections. D-Link MainStage enables extremely low latency playing of Internet (or locally stored) videos, family pictures and stored music via the big screen without connecting any wires. The laptop wirelessly transmits content to the display adaptor hooked to the TV.

With Intel® WiDi, there’s no need to crowd around the small laptop screen when friends and family want to show off videos. Plus, you can send D-Link home network content from the laptop to the big screen (via NAS storage devices, miiiCasa™ connected content, and desktops throughout the house).

It’s all available via one simple button on the laptop desktop.

Killer App – Extended Screen Mode

The 'killer app' for Intel WiDi is extended screen mode. The software allows users to look up actor information, via IMDB for example, on their laptop while watching streaming movies on the HDTV. The laptop and HDTV are synchronized, but the media content stays on the big screen while movie data sticks with the laptop.

The new release of Intel WiDi supports 1080p, AAC surround sound, and will play protected content. Laptop requirements include:

  • An Intel® CoreTM i3/i5/i7 processor-based notebook with Intel® HD Graphics or
  • Intel® Centrino Wireless technology with Intel® My WiFi Technology
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