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D-Link Introduces Unified Wireless Network Solution to Give Enterprise, Service Providers Flexible, Affordable Mobility
Posted: Wed May 05, 2010 01:21:00 PM
Enhanced Network Architecture Features Scalability, Wired and 802.11n Wireless Support and Ability to Manage up to 256 Access Points in Switch Cluster.

Apr 27, 2010 - D-Link today introduced a unified switch and access point combination packed with next-generation technology to provide optimum network performance for mid-to-large enterprises and service providers.

The D-Link® Unified Wired/Wireless Gigabit Switch (DWS-4026) gives network administrators the ability to manage up to 64 D-Link Wired Unified 802.11n Access Points (DWL-8600AP) by itself, and up to 256 DWL-8600APs in a switch cluster.

The full-featured DWS-4026 offers the much-needed flexibility and versatility found in more expensive unified switches, with the ability to be deployed either as a wireless controller in the core network, or as a L2+ Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Gigabit switch, depending on customer requirements.

The DWL-8600AP, powered by Cavium Network's (NASDAQ: CAVM) OCTEON® processors, is D-Link's most powerful unified access point supporting the latest IEEE 802.11n wireless standard. This device can be flexibly deployed as a stand-alone "fat" wireless AP or as a "thin" managed AP manageable from a wireless switch.

Most of today's wireless LAN controllers require wireless traffic to return to the controller for centralized processing, causing unnecessary traffic delays. With the DWS-4026, however, wireless traffic can either be tunneled back to the switch for better security control, or locally forwarded at the access point for optimal performance.

With a built-in Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS), network administrators can detect Rogue Access Points and Rogue Clients to prevent wireless threats from causing network damage.

The DWS-4026 "fast roaming" feature allows wireless clients to enjoy seamless, uninterrupted roaming from AP to AP even if they are not in the same subnet. Pre-authentication, key-catching and other mechanisms let users roam the entire wireless network without needing to re-authenticate, resulting in disruption-free, reliable wireless connectivity, especially crucial for mobile applications such as Wi-Fi phones and PDAs.

"The D-Link DWS-4026/DWL-8600AP combination offers full-featured scalability for mid-to-large enterprises that need a unified solution without the hefty price tag," said Herman Chang, director of product line management, wireless, for D-Link. "By centralizing WLAN configuration and management functions, network administrators can gain the control, security, redundancy and reliability needed to scale and manage their wireless networks with ease and efficiency."

The switch is designed for Voice over Wireless traffic with features such as Auto-Voice VLAN that matches VoIP streams and provides them with a better class-of-service than ordinary traffic.

Network traffic control is managed and made predictable with Quality of Service (QoS) features that support traffic shaping, control per-flow bandwidth, guarantee minimum bandwidth and ensure 802.1p Class-of-Service (CoS).

The DWS-4026's "self-healing" capability offers the following benefits:

* Increases the resiliency of the entire wireless network,
* Ensures continuous connection for current clients,
* Performs load-balancing across access points when network traffic reaches a certain threshold by forcing additional clients to associate with other access points,
* Effectively manages the wireless bandwidth, optimizes WLAN traffic and ensures maximum RF coverage.

For wired networks, the DWS-4026 utilizes Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Snooping to prevent even the most sophisticated network attacks.
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