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Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:17:00 AM
Equipped with D-Link Green™ Technology to Detect Data Transmissions and Power Down When Not in Use, Saves Energy and Costs

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., April 15, 2009 — D-Link, the end-to-end solutions provider for consumer and business, today introduced its next-generation PowerLine adapter kit, an ideal solution for connecting computers, high-definition (HD) media players, game consoles, network attached storage (NAS), and Internet content throughout the home.

With the new D-Link® PowerLine HD Ethernet Adapter Starter Kit (DHP-303) anyone can take advantage of existing home electrical wiring to create or extend a network. The kit includes two PowerLine wall plugs/ adapters. The DHP-303 turns every power outlet in the home into a wall-to-wall network for connecting when connected to a switch or wireless access point.

With simple plug-and-play installation, the DHP-303 is ideal for connecting an Ethernet-enabled digital media device such as TiVo® or Slingbox® to the home network and the Internet. It also allows users to connect gaming consoles like the Xbox 360®, Playstation® 3 or Nintendo Wii™ to the Internet. The device will automatically be displayed in Microsoft Windows Vista's Network Map. Users also can check the DHP-303's performance via a built-in LED.

"This latest addition to our PowerLine HD product family offers user-friendly, wall-to-wall networking so everyone in the household can enjoy a powerful, extended multimedia experience regardless of the location," said AJ Wang, chief technology officer for D-Link.

The PowerLine Adapter, with simple push-button activation, implements Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) for securing connections and keeping data safe from intruders. To create a secure connection the user simply pushes a button on one adapter, then goes to another room and pushes a button on the other adapter. It also offers Quality of Service (QoS) support to help prioritize data and enable smooth video streaming and lag-free gaming.

Key Features and Benefits

* Uses home's existing electrical wiring

* Streams HD media across the network

* Up to 200Mbps* throughput

* Connects computers, game consoles and multimedia devices to the Internet

* Plugs into existing power outlets

* QoS support helps prioritize Internet traffic

* Extends wireless LAN by connecting an access point to achieve stronger wireless signals in remote areas

* Supports enhanced network security

* Simple plug-and-play installation

* Power-saving mode

* Simple push-button security

* LED for easy monitoring

* Microsoft Windows Vista "network map" locator


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