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D-Link Enters Into Agreement With McAfee to Deliver New Secure Wishf Internet Advertising Application to ISPs
Posted: Fri Sep 17, 2010 03:18:16 PM
Enables Secure Web-Based Advertising Services for Service Providers

Sep 15, 2010 - McAfee, Inc.and D-Link, the end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumers, businesses, and service providers, today announced that D-Link will be using McAfee® Global Threat Intelligence web reputation in conjunction with its own Wishfi™ application to provide Web-based advertising services to ISPs in North America. D-Link and McAfee have entered into an agreement where McAfee will provide its cloud-based McAfee Global Threat Intelligence for integration with the D-Link® Wishfi Web communications application.

Service Providers today face many challenges. Subscribers rarely have their own ISP’s portal set as their home page. This makes it more challenging to up-sell services or cross-sell related products offered by the ISP. In addition, ISPs haven’t been able to earn a substantial share of marketing revenue on the Internet, and to do so, they need a unique way to access advertising revenue. Lastly, ISPs need a way to increase subscriber revenue with new value-added services while at the same time minimizing expenses.

D-Link solutions equipped with Wishfi software can ensure that when ISP subscribers go online, the ISP’s information, links, and promotions can always be visible no matter what the user has set as their home page. ISPs can now adjust the size and style of the Wishfi Media Space banner to accommodate different levels of service for different levels of subscribers.

Integrating D-Link’s Wishfi service with McAfee Global Threat Intelligence allows Wishfi to target specific advertisements to appropriate Web sites based on the reputation and content of the Web site being visited by the end user. This enables advertisers to maintain brand integrity by ensuring their ads are only associated with the appropriate, targeted Web sites and content they desire.

“Finalizing this agreement with McAfee allows us to deliver a complete 360-degree turn-key application to network owners who see Web-based advertising as significant revenue-generating tool,” said Harri Okkonen, general manager of the D-Link Wishfi Product Group.

“McAfee Global Threat Intelligence web reputation adds an essential layer of protection to guard against today’s most advanced threats, including Web-borne malware, morphing viruses and targeted phishing attacks,” said David Scholtz, senior vice president of worldwide strategic alliances for McAfee. “McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence is the most precise and comprehensive reputation system in the world, and our partnership with D-Link allows us to bring a value-added service to ISPs in North America.”

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